For families: Frequently Asked Questions

Product general

What is Oscar Family?

Oscar Family is a very easy-to-use application designed for seniors to communicate with their family and friends. It also provides entertainment features and seniors can get remote help from a family member or friend.

Where can I get Oscar Family?

Oscar Family application can be downloaded on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Why is Oscar Family so special?

Today's communication tools might be too complex for senior people. Oscar Family was developed to provide easy and safe communication between seniors and the whole family. The senior does not need to have any computer experience. Moreover, seniors can ask for remote help from younger family members (admin).

Who is Oscar Family suitable for?

For seniors and non-tech savvy people who want to stay in touch with their family and friends and those who want to explore the online world easily, at their own pace. Oscar Family is also used by other family members who would like to stay in touch with the senior no matter where they are in the world.

Do I need any special hardware?

The Oscar Family application is designed to be used on any Android and iOS tablet or smartphone. These devices are available in retail shops.

Does Oscar Family include a device?

No, Oscar Family is a downloadable application. Like this, users can choose a device (screen size and spec) that fits their needs.

Can I use a device I already have at home?

Yes, you can, there is no need to buy a new device. Please check the version of the operating system (see below).

What are the minimum Android and iOS device requirements?

Oscar Family app is compatible with Android version 6 and up and iOS version 12.1 and up.

Is a Wi-Fi connection or data plan needed in order to use the Oscar Family application?

Yes, it is necessary to have a Wi-Fi connection (i.e. wireless internet) if you want to use the Oscar Family application. We strongly recommend using Wi-Fi. The other option is to have a device with a SIM card (4G) and data plan.

Product features and use

What features does Oscar Family include?

Oscar Family offers much more than just communication. We have divided features into three groups:

Communication: video calls (even auto-answer), sending/receiving photos and messages, reminders.

Entertainment: games, Facebook, Netflix, Spotify, Youtube, internet.

Information: news, weather, Wikipedia, translator, maps, etc.

In what languages is the Oscar Family application available?

Oscar Family is available in English, Czech, Dutch, and German language.

Can Oscar Family be used outside?

As long as there is a connection to the internet via Wi-Fi or SIM card (4G), Oscar Family can be used anywhere.

Does the (senior) user need to have an email address to install and use the Oscar Family application?

Yes, every user must have the e-mail address to sign up for and use Oscar Family.

Is Oscar Family safe to use?

Oscar Family is designed for seniors and it runs in a special interface which is an absolutely safe environment that protects them from scams. Seniors can not accidentally exit the app, there are no pop-up windows or alert messages from third parties.

How do the remote help and settings work?

Remote help can be provided to the senior by the admin (a family member or friend, who was chosen and asked by the senior). Once the selected person agrees to be an admin, he/she can add or remove contacts and apps for the senior according to the senior user's proficiency and interest.

How to become an admin for a senior?

Every user (typically senior) can request a person from his/her contact list to become the admin. In the Oscar Family app, click on the person's avatar and select "Request remote help". The person will need to confirm.

Can multiple people help remotely one senior user?

Yes, there can be more than one admin who can help the senior user remotely.

Is it possible to help remotely more than one senior?

Yes, it is possible that the admin helps more than one senior. The senior/user has to ask a person to become her/his admin.

Do senior's friends and family members need the Oscar Family application?

Yes, seniors' friends and family will have to download the Oscar Family application on their devices and sign up in order to communicate with the seniors via the Oscar Family app.

Is it possible to add additional applications (third-party apps) to Oscar Family?

Even though Oscar Family is a platform for apps, it is not possible to add any additional apps to the platform. We made a careful selection of the most used applications and integrated them into the Oscar Family application. If you would like to add some specific application that you believe could be widely used by many seniors, contact us at

Do all users have the same app? What do the tabs mean?

All users have the same app installed on their devices (smartphone or tablet). There are 4 tabs at the bottom of the screen.

Dashboard: This is the main screen for seniors with contacts and access to apps.

Contacts: This is meant for family and friends. Only contacts (communication features) are visible.

Notifications: In this tab, you can see all new notifications.

Settings: This tab lets you adjust settings as well as add/remove contacts and apps.

How to log out from the Oscar Family app?

To log out from the Oscar Family app, you need to open the Settings tab and then click on your name. Afterward, tap the Logout icon in the upper right corner and confirm that you want to log out.

How to change a home app (launcher) on a senior's device (Android only)?

To change the home app (launcher), go to the Oscar Family app on the senior's device and open the Settings tab. This will take you to the preferences, where you can change the home app. If you select Oscar Family, the device will always return to the main screen of Oscar Family when pressing the home key.

How do add/remove contacts and apps for the senior (remotely by the admin)?

In the Oscar Family app on your smartphone, open the Contacts tab click the contact you'd like to manage, and then click the Manage remotely button. This will take you to *Remote management *of the senior's device and here you can add or remove apps and contacts, as well as set preferences for certain apps. Please note that only the admin of the senior is allowed to do this.

What is "Auto-answer call" and how to use it?

For older people, even picking up an incoming call can be difficult (especially for those with reduced mobility, disabilities, and dementia patients.) With the auto-answer call feature, you are able to start and also answer a call - this means your elderly loved one gets connected with you without touching the tablet. To do so on your smartphone open the Contacts tab select to contact you'd like to call and then click the *Auto answer *button. Please note that only the admin of the senior is allowed to do this.

Is it possible to change the news source for the senior remotely?

Yes, it is possible to change the news source remotely from the Oscar Family app of the admin. In the Oscar Family app on your smartphone, open the* Contacts* tab click the contact you'd like to manage the news source for, and then click *the Manage *Remotely button. Then open the News app. There you can type in the URL of a news source you want to show on the senior's tablet. The last step is to confirm it by clicking on the Set button at the bottom right corner. Please note that only the admin of the user can do so.

How do I set up remotely a reminder for the senior?

You can set up reminders remotely from your smartphone app. In the Oscar Family app on your smartphone, open the Contacts tab click the contact you'd like to manage, and then click the Manage remotely button. afterward, open the Reminders app. Then click Add reminder button in the bottom right corner, enter reminder details, and click Close. It will appear immediately on the senior's device in the Reminders app and the alarm will go off on the selected date and time. Please note that only the admin of the senior is allowed to do this.

How to edit/delete reminders?

To edit or delete reminders (on the senior's tablet or remotely on your smartphone) you need to swipe left on the reminder you want to edit.


How can I get help via support?

You can contact us anytime at

Is there any installation service?

Oscar Family is easy to install, however, we recommend a family member to help set up the application for the senior user. Because we do not sell hardware devices we do not provide an installation service.

Are there regular updates?

The Oscar Family app will be kept up to date with the latest version. Please check the device settings.

Will there be any new features?

New features will be released on a frequent base.


How much does Oscar Family cost?

There is a 1-month free trial. Afterward, Oscar Family costs US$4.99/month or US$49.99/year. There is also an option to buy discounted packages for more family members - you can find out more at

How to cancel the service?

Your account will be limited in functionality if you do not pay a subscription after 1 month's trial. If you pay for a subscription, you can cancel it anytime from within the application.

If you want to delete your account permanently you can do so in the application in the Settings tab or you can contact us at

What payment methods can I use?

We accept PayPal payments, and most credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, and Discover.

Do all users have to pay monthly/yearly subscriptions?

Every user needs to be on a subscription in order to use Oscar Family app after the 1 month's trial, but it is possible for one user to pay and manage one subscription for multiple users (family members).

You didn't find the answer to your question?

E-mail us on We'll get back to you within a few hours.